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Dambruggestraat 48 2060 Antwerpen Belgium
Wednesdays to saturdays from 12:00 to 18:30 or by appointment
Solarshop is found in the heart of a lively neighbourhood in the Dambruggestraat 48, 2060 Antwerpen. 
Founded in 2008 by Pietro Celestina and menswear designer Jan-Jan Van Essche, it is a quiet place where the seasons of collections blend with greater cycles of time. 
Humble antiques, once daily objects originating from all around the world, are displayed throughout the rooms, radiating an unknown past with their mysterious presence. 
A temporary station in their journey through time, just as the hanging clothes which are destined to travel the world with their future wearers. 
Also, from jewelry to perfumes, from ceramics to fabrics, creations of fellow artists and designers are proposed in Atelier Solarshop. 
This peaceful address is painstakingly thought to be a haven for carefully crafted items out of natural matters. 
The spirit of Atelier Solarshop resonates with the area, where ethnic communities are living, with their many boutique stalls overflowed with exotic products. 
It is a secluded and a welcoming address, which is open to the world, meaning mankind. 
Pushing the door of Atelier Solarshop is an invitation to a voyage.

text by Albain Lutaud

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