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Ryo Watanabe

Ryo Watanabe finds his inspiration in his natural environment and translates his intuitive observations into masterly hand crafted unique objects out of bronze, brass and iron. Each piece to be cherished and naturally integrated in the life of its new owner.

“I want to make something like a stone
Being picked up by someone
Something that you can gently put it in your pocket.
I want to make something like a nut
Being picked up by someone
Something that you can leave it somewhere nice.
Whatever that is standing quietly
Something that you notice when you are walking
I feel that there is a strange resemblance.
Nuts and twigs, pebbles and fallen leaves, or whatever we wonder why they are fallen here
It may be a broken bolt or a piece of something.

I can’t help but stop for a moment and pick them up.
It may be a rainy day, a cloudy day, or a sunny day.
I’m not sure.
However, the scenery, air, color, shape, time, and various things that we can see at that time. I think they combined appeared as a kind of feeling.
And I wish I could create something with such a feeling.”



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